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What to expect

Please send me a brief email with a summary of your worries/challenges and the type of support you are looking for.

We can then have a free phone consultation if you would like to discuss if my approach is right  for you. If we decide that it’s not, we can think together where you might access it.

If we decide to arrange a session, the first session (or two) can  give us an opportunity to get to know each other, give you a sense of how I work and how we can usefully work together. We will explore what brought you to therapy, what’s been helpful so far and everyone’s hopes for the future.


There is no set number of sessions. The length of therapy and frequency of sessions depends on what you  bring to therapy and your preference. We can decide to meet weekly, fortnightly or monthly for number of sessions and agree a review session. In terms of couple therapy , weekly sessions have been shown to be most effective.

I can see you in my therapy room or via online platform. I can consider your home in some circumstances.

For Family Therapy sessions, it is your decision who to bring to therapy. Depending on what we agree, not all sessions need to be attended by the same family members, e.g some sessions may be attended just by parent(s) or just by child(ren) .


Everything discussed is strictly confidential and handled with warmth, care and sensitivity.


Sessions are adapted to suit your ages, needs, and preferences.

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