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Family Therapy

Families can be very complicated because everyone is unique. Each person thinks and talks about things in a different way, and each person has different ideas, feelings, worries and strengths.

Often those feelings/ideas are miscommunicated or misinterpreted and we end up losing connection with those close to us. We lose sense of being loved and cared for. This has been shown to have impact on our emotional and mental well-being.


At other times changes can make family life more stressful, such as an illness, unemployment, moving home, new family members, getting older, divorce or trauma. Some families find their own ways to manage these stresses and changes. Other families find it much harder, for all kinds of reasons. Some families try their best to find solutions but instead end up stuck in patterns of hurtful behaviours.


In my work with families, I draw on some psychological approaches, but mainly on Systemic Family Therapy ideas. I’m interested in your personal and relational strengths and resources while acknowledging how overwhelming difficulties can sometimes appear.


Working from a systemic perspective means that together we will explore how your family communication, your family values, cultural believes and emotional expressions shape your current patterns of relating and your emotional and mental wellbeing.


In the process of therapy, family members can safely express and explore difficult thoughts,  emotions and stresses. Subsequently,  understand each other’s experiences and views, appreciate each other’s needs, build on family strengths, and work together in a supportive way to find a solution to difficulties  and make useful/desirable changes that work for all.

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